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Energy Efficiency Window Film Window Tinting Rebates Save Energy Money

With proven heat rejection properties our window films help your home consume less energy by
keeping interior temperature more controllable and stable. With our solar control window film any
home can reduce energy use and cost. Other benefits are achieved when using our energy efficient
window film such as glare control, comfort, fade protection, and glass breakage protection.


Tampa Electric Company (TECO) offer window film rebates for
commercial businesses and residential homes.



Window film reflects significant solar energy, while absorbing another portion of the energy.
The result is that the amount of solar radiation transmitted inside the room is considerably less.
Specs will vary depending on the window film selected.Have energy saving window film and window
tinting installed to make your home or business energy efficient.

In addition to the energy saving benefits, solar window film can increase thermal comfort, reduce glare,
while at the same time rejecting 99% of the UV radiation reducing fading and the risk of skin cancer.
Progress Energy and Tampa Electric Company (TECO) offer window film rebates for commercial and
residential properties.

How Does Window Film and Window Tinting Save Energy In Tampa Bay FL ?

The movement or transfer of heat from a region of higher temperature to one of cooler temperature is called heat transfer.
The transfer of heat always flows from hot to cold. No heat will transfer if there is no difference in temperature.

There are three types of heat transfer: Radiation, Conduction, and Convection. For window film, radiation is the most important
method of heat transfer because it moves infrared waves. This is why we refer to solar energy as solar radiation.

Solar energy through a window is transferred or transmitted by infrared waves. Radiant energy is converted to heat when it strikes people or objects. If you block the transfer of this energy you keep it from turning into heat because it never strikes an object. Window film interrupts the transfer of this energy by reflecting the energy back.

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